Durability guaranteed.

HSF windows and doors require only minimal care. In order to protect the high-quality plastic surfaces against inevitable environmental influences, they should be regularly cleaned with water or mild soap suds. 


Care system

Please note that other aggressive agents such as abrasives can damage the surfaces. Do not rub the frameworks dry as otherwise they will be electrostatically charged and they may attract dirt. Instead, simply wipe off with a moist cloth – finished! 

With heavier contamination, we recommend cleaning followed by a treatment with a protective conserver. In addition, the sealings should be kept soft and the fittings parts kept in good working order. 

Best care.

Enjoyment for a long period of time.


So that water which has penetrated into the frame rebate, for instance during driving rain or when the window was tilted, is drained off again, each window has so-called drainage openings. When the window is opened, for instance, these are found inside in the frame rebate. Also check the drainage openings on a regular basis, for example, when cleaning the windows, and remove any blockages.


For optimum durability of our products we recommend that you lubricate your windows and doors once a year with a resin- and acid-free oil. Lubrication points, stay-arms, locking mechanisms or sliding surfaces should definitely be lubricated.

Airing the room sensibly

Regular airing of the room regulates the humidity and thus ensures a pleasant room climate. So that no valuable energy is lost during the exchange of air, we recommend that you air the room for a short time but intensively. To do so, turn off the radiators. Open the windows wide two or three times a day, thus creating a through-draught. With this so-called shock ventilation, you will achieve an almost complete replacement of the air in the room in just a few minutes, without the heat accumulators in the apartment (walls/radiators/furniture) cooling down. Particularly with high levels of humidity, for instance in bathrooms, laundry rooms or after plastering, screed or painting work, regular ventilation is necessary to prevent any mould developing.