Guidelines for installation

Basic rules of installation

  • The professional installation of windows and doors should definitely be carried out with a qualified HSF partner.  All standards of quality and guarantee regulation only remain applicable in the event of professional installation. 
  • The quality and suitability for use of the windows and French windows is, in addition to the profile system and the HST production, fundamentally dependent on a professional installation.
  • Fixation must be done mechanically e.g. with installation screws. Foams, adhesives, etc. are not permitted as fixation agents.
  • During fixation, the expansion of the profiles in the event of changes in temperature must remain guaranteed.
  • Forces from movements of the building may not be transferred to the window.
  • External loads may not be applied to the window.
  • During installation, fundamentally all details required in the invitation to tender, taking into account the valid standards and guidelines, are to be taken into account and complied with!


Supporting blocks

The element must be installed so that it is permanently flush, perpendicular and right-angled as well as stable. Max. deflection of frame & ground sill ±1 mm! Installation of the supporting blocks at a distance of approx. 300 mm. Insert the distance blocks at a distance of max. 150 mm from the corners.

Insert supporting blocks at a distance of 300 mm. 

Distance blocks a maximum of 150 mm from the corner.

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  • The ground sill is to be permanently underpinned in the entire construction depth with suitable support blocks approx. every 300 mm.
  • Fixation upwards is mandatory, in particular in combination with blind boxes, shading systems or frame extension
  • The deflection of the upper frame may be a max. of 1 mm
  • Attention should be paid to the safe transfer of the load and the load-bearing capacity of the brickwork.
  • The formation and sealing of the grouting between the brickwork and the frame must meet the respective requirements.



Screw points pursuant to the installation guidelines:
E = Distance inner corner profile max. 150 mm
A = Distance of the screw connections to one another approx. 700 mm